Organizational Structure


SINAPSE is under the oversight of the Deputy President for Research & Technology (DPRT), Prof Ho Teck Hua. The Governing Board comprises of the Dean of Engineering of National University of Singapore and representatives nominated by the two of the key sponsors: A*STAR and MINDEF. The International Scientific Advisory Board, formed by the Director of SINAPSE and approved by the DPRT, comprises leaders in the field, representing each of the major Research Programs.

Organizational Chart

SINAPSE Organisation Chart_21May2017_win


Prof. Nitish V Thakor directs SINAPSE. The Director initiates and manages the recruiting of the faculty members who serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) for the SINAPSE. Research Fellows (RFs) are recruited by the PIs with the approval of the Director. RFs are supported by SINAPSE or by the PIs' individual grants. Students are actively recruited year-round through various departments and the graduate programs. Students are, in general, supported by fellowships, and in selected cases on grants. Each Research Program comprises a Project Manager with two to four affiliated faculty, one laboratory technician or assistant, and several research fellows and students.